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Pregnancy Care

We encourage you to be an active participant in your own care.

During pregnancy we monitor the health of you and your baby regularly. During your visits you can expect guidance about proper diet, physical discomforts, exercise, sleep, travel, labor, birth, and many other topics. Our goal is to inform you about all your options so that you may make the best decisions possible for you and your family.

Our Obstetrical Services Include:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Childbirth educators
  • Fetal monitoring (in-office)
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Low and High Risk Pregnancy Care
  • Ultrasound (in-office)

What to expect?

We know every woman is different and every pregnancy is unique, but there are a few things that everybody experiences. Click below to learn what to expect at every stage in your pregnancy through downloadable and printable PDFs.

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Download All

Click here for frequently asked questions about pregnancy

Please complete our prenatal pregnancy history form and bring it to your first prenatal/pregnancy appointment.